There are hundreds of churches offering various forms of worship services through out the city. However, during the week the members of these churches often disappear back into the boroughs of the city without a thought in their mind about God or church until the next Sunday rolls around. While Sunday gathered – coming together, singing, hearing the preached Word, and participating in the Lord’s supper and baptism – is a joyful time for God’s people, being the church does not stop on Sunday.

We desire to plant more than a service. We want to be the church, not attend church. We want to be God’s children living in community with one another in all areas of our lives – in our neighborhoods, in the workplace, over meals, enjoying sports and entertainment, and living missional lives amidst our lost friends. We are a people – not a building, program, or a Sunday service – who are wholly devoted to loving God and others (Acts 2:42-47; cf. 1 Pet 2:9-10), and we want to invite you be the church with us. Here are our top reasons why you should join a church plant:

1. If you want to see Jesus do something new and are sick of the status quo.

2. If you dream of being part of something bigger than yourself.

3. If you want to lose your life so that you may live for the kingdom of Christ.

4. If you feel a constant itch to see people who don’t know Jesus come to know Jesus and you believe church planting is the best way for the gospel to advance.

5. If you want to give your time, money, energy, and talents to starting something new and you want to make sacrifices to see a mission to succeed.

6. If you fully support the vision, mission, doctrine, and leadership of a church plant.

7. If you want your faith to grow and you want God to fundamentally meddle with and change your life.

8. If you want to love the city of Pittsburgh.

9. If you want to watch God move in ways you never imagined and you want an adventure (with all it’s discomfort and risk).

10. If you’re not afraid to bank your life on Matthew 16:18 (“I [Jesus] will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”).

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