Earlier this Fall, we held a Q & A for our church to hear more about Renaissance’s mission trip to Hamburg, Germany. While we were able to answer a number of questions that afternoon, several went unanswered. Here they are in no particular order:

Are the missionaries holding some kind of worship service?

As of right now, Friedrich and Mary Ellen are part of a church called the Hamburg Project, which was planted out of Redeemer City to City, the church planting network based out of Manhattan. They gather with the church to worship with them on Sundays. The Honays also lead a “Couch Group” (their version of a small group or missional community) every Tuesday.

How many people are in the church plant now?

As stated above, Mary Ellen and Friedrich lead a small group out of The Hamburg Project. The members of that small group are considering being part of their core team. All together there are around ten to twelve individuals.

Are there plans to send people from Renaissance to live in Germany in the future? Or will it only be financial support?

As of now, there is no plan to train people specifically to be sent to live as missionaries in Germany. That being said, Renaissance is a missions minded church. If any individual, couple or family is lead by God to overseas missions, we would be excited to send them, regardless of location. If that location so happens to be Hamburg, we would be so thankful for the opportunity to bless the Honays with trained missionaries from Renaissance.

How does Renaissance plan to stay involved going forward?

Renaissance will continue to pray and financially support the Honays and their plant in Hamburg. We will also continue to send mission teams and hopefully host a mission team from Hamburg here in Pittsburgh! Pastor Rob, as well as the elders in training, also plan to have monthly counseling sessions over Skype with Mary Ellen and Friedrich, to help support and encourage their love for God and for each other.

What are the next steps in this process or areas of need from us besides monetary? This year?  Next year?

The next steps in the process that don’t involve finance include, but are not limited to:


      • Ongoing monthly care/counsel for the missionaries’ marriage and relationship with God
      • Ongoing Equipping & Strategizing


      • Ongoing monthly care/counsel for the missionaries’ marriage and relationship with God
      • Assist in Hamburg core team development
      • Either host missionaries in their trip to the states – or – send another team from Renaissance to serve the church planting team in Hamburg.

Does Renaissance have plans to support other churches in the future?

Renaissance longs to see the gospel spread through ALL the nations, even our own. That being said, we would love to support other churches in the future. Right now the Honays are the only missionaries we are directly financially supporting. Renaissance Church does however support other churches through our giving to the Sojourn Network and the North American Mission Board/International Missions Board (SBC).

Will your missional outreach always focus in church planting?

Yes, the main way Renaissance takes part in the spreading of the Gospel to all the nations is by our support of church plants. That being said, prior to a church being planted, missionaries are sent. We gladly support missionaries, such is the case at this time with the Honays. When their church takes form and launches in Hamburg, Renaissance plans to continue our support. If an already existing church is in need of financial support, we would surely consider supporting them as well.

Also, let us never forget that as a body of believers at Renaissance, we are children of God and with that meant to be missionaries here in Pittsburgh. We would be a small minded people, and shorting God of His fame, if we limit “missional outreach” to something that only exists outside of our own city.

How can we pray for them?

1. Pray for Mary Ellen and Friedrich, that their marriage may be strengthened and the Lord would continue to make himself more known through them and mold them to be more like Him.

2. Pray for financial support so that Friedrich’s hours at the bakery which he currently manages could be reduced so that he may have the time and resources to be trained and equipped to lead the plant.

3. Pray that the group of people meeting in their small group would experience unity, be drawn closer to Jesus, and that they would prayerfully consider being part of the core team.