One of the many things I love about being a pastor is hearing stories of how God works in and through the lives of ordinary folks saved by His extraordinary grace.  I thought I’d share some of those stories with you.  Over the next three weeks you will hear not from me, but from members of our Core Team answering the following three questions:

  • Why did you join Renaissance Church’s Core Team?
  • What do you love about our church?
  • How has God changed you since you’ve joined our church plant?

Without further delay, here are the responses to the first question:

Why did you join Renaissance Church’s core team?

Elyssa, 34

I was drawn to Renaissance because it is a church plant in a place that needs churches who are all about Jesus and less about me.

Jesse, 25

I joined because this church is committed to the centrality of God’s Word.  The community of believers are convinced they need their lives knit together and formed by Scripture.

Chelsea, 24

My husband and I first came to Renaissance’s early meetings after a friend told us about this new church plant that was starting up in the East End of Pittsburgh. The people were welcoming and Christ-focused. As we continued to come we learned more and more that Renaissance was a plant that intended to be a biblical representation of Christ’s “body” in Pittsburgh.

James, 30

What got our attention about Renaissance Church is their love for Pittsburgh and their heart for church planting.  But more than that, they prioritized the centrality of the gospel and allowed it to fuel their missional focus.

Tom, 31

I was drawn to Renaissance because my wife and I were looking to step out in faith by assisting with a church plant.  We love the city of Pittsburgh and believed in the vision that Rob had set out in the first meetings.

Alex, 24

It is all about the Gospel. Plain and simple.  I was drawn to Renaissance because it was clear that their mission was to live and scream out over the entire city of Pittsburgh the good news of Jesus Christ. I fell in love with this church, and ultimately decided to join the core team.  It became obvious that not only was I going to have to take part in the shouting, but I would also, lovingly and graciously, have the gospel shouted at me. I would not be able to slide by.  Jesus would have to be my all.